“Bring a Friend” Golf Tournament was a resounding success!

A sunny warm day welcomed the first annual MVCC “Bring a Friend” Golf tournament on Saturday, July 13.  Participating members invited their friends to play for free.  Sixteen guests arrived to play in sixteen twosomes.  A creative best ball format allowed players of all ages, all skill levels, and all genders to mix it up and enjoy the day.  Mark and Megan Wright were the winners of the nine hole play, with an impressive best ball score of 39.  Andy Hunt and Kevin Banfield won the 18 hole play with a best ball score of 77.  Congratulations to the winners.  Congratulations go to all who played and shared in the fun.    

The fine turnout for this first annual MVCC event was capped with a classic MVCC style dinner.  The blessings of the sweet summer Greensboro air mixed with the aroma of BBQ on the grill.  Awards for the events of the day were interspersed with pleasant conversation among the members mingling with their new friends.  Thanks to all who participated.