2024 Fee Schedule

(Exclusive of taxes)

 Guests playing with a member (9 holes/18 holes) limit of 4 plays as a guest or visitor per season $25/nine holes; $35/eighteen holes
Kids:   ≤12 playing WITH an adult are free; 13-17 are half price.
Visitors  (9 holes/18 holes) limit of 4 plays as a guest or visitor per season
All Times (h) (visitors should call ahead on weekends) $27/nine holes; $39/eighteen holes
Twilight Rate $19 after 4 pm
Men’s Tues League Rate $20 (including tax)
Guests (1.5 hr. slot) $17 per person or $40 per court with 3 guests
Visitors (1.5 hr. slot) $19 per person or $42 per court
Twilight & Weekday Rd Robin $12
Sunday Round Robin $17
Guests (1.5 hr. slot) Mountain View’s Pickleball Courts are available only to our members and their accompanied guests, who pay a guest fee of $12 per individual for every 90 minutes of playing time.
Motorized Carts  
Members & Guests $13 per person/9 holes, $21 per person/18 holes, 10 rides, 9 holes each, for $110
Season Pass (Members Only) $375/single & $595/family
Visitors $14 per person/9 holes, $22 per person/18 holes   
Pull Carts $4/$6
Lockers $20
Storage space for personal carts/clubs $35
Plug-in for personal cart $45
Golf clubs $15
Driving Range  
Bag of practice balls $2.50/15 minutes
Season Pass (individual), unlimited balls $145
Driving Range and Club Storage Package $150
GHIN Fees (n) $28
Introductory Playing Permit application
Full Season Introductory Tennis

Weekly Permit

Full Season Golf, Tennis & Pickleball

Full Season – Age 20 and Under


$238/Family; $221/Dual; $164/Single

$1,215/Family; $1,180/Dual; $830/Single


Spring Permit, Opening Day – Friday, June 28 $189.99
Spring Permit, Tennis & Social $85.00
Fall Permit, after Labor Day $169.99
Fall Permit, Tennis & Social $90

Clubroom rental contract

Member $430.00
Non-Member $570.00
Non-Profit $290.00