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Announcing our New Golf Pro

Dear Fellow MVCC Members,

As I mentioned in my letter to you last month, we have been searching for a new Golf Pro at Mountain View for the 2018 Season.  I’m happy to announce now that we have successfully recruited Steve Rogers for that position.  Steve comes to us with a wealth of experience in golf instruction and pro shop operation, including twenty years as a golf professional and Director of Golf Operations at the Quechee Club here in Vermont, as well as the last two years at the Madison Green Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he currently is Director of Golf Instruction. I know you will join me in welcoming Steve and his wife Mecina to our community in early May.

This leads me to a request for your help: Steve and Mecina are currently looking for furnished accommodation in the Greensboro area from early May to early October, a challenging objective to achieve from nearly 1,600 miles away.  While we’ve provided Steve with some potential leads, we’re hoping that you, our members, will have some additional suggestions.  Please consider this request and pass any leads along to me at [email protected] 

Thanks for your help and I look forward to seeing you in just a few months!


Warm regards,

Rick Ely

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