From the Pro Shop September 4, 2018

News from Mountain View – September 4, 2018


Mr. Jim Hunt made an “Eagle Two” as he chipped on the second hole during a recent Men’s Day, great job Jim!


Volunteers from our membership gathered this past week to aid in some upkeep our golf facility. Tool sheds were emptied as the group gathered in 90 degree temperatures and managed to clear out some brush between the 1st and 9th holes, as well as between the 9th green and 8th tee box.  A job well done will be noticed as you play these two holes.  A small luncheon was enjoyed by all following the good deed.

Thank You to the following Volunteers:

Rick Ely

Bob Parrish

Art Wright

Charles Carter

John Loeb

George Gowen

Staff Members: Stephen Parker, Cody Parker


Thursday Men’s day-Men’s day will continue as we enter the fall season with a 9:00 a.m. start until further notice.

Green’s Aerification-9/10-9/11

Canadian Tour-9/17-10:00 a.m. tee times

Tuesday Night League Finale-9/23-10:00 a.m. Full Course Shotgun

See you down the middle!


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