Golf Regulations 2020

2020 Golf Regulations


Welcome to the 2020 season at Mountain View Country Club!

Our golf course is open for play and we are operating in compliance with Vermont Governor Phil Scott’s “Stay Home/Stay Safe” Executive Order and related guidance.  Many of the procedures described below are new to us.  We greatly appreciate your patience and good will as we do our best to make them work for you.  As governmental guidance and best practices evolve, we will modify these procedures and post the revisions on our website (, as well as on our Pro Shop bulletin board.

No written procedures can possibly address the full range of circumstances that may arise in the daily operation of a golf, tennis and social club.  We all must therefore follow a golden rule:

When in doubt, take the safer course of action!

Pro Shop Manager Brian Titus, or the staff member then on duty, acts as our “designated health and safety officer”, with authority to stop or modify activities to ensure compliance with health and safety rules. No member, guest or board member has the authority to overrule the judgment of our health and safety officer. 

Individuals who do not abide by these Regulations will be asked to leave the Club premises immediately.

Preparing for your Arrival at MVCC

  • First and foremost, if you feel sick or have someone at home who is sick, please stay home. Also, please consider that as of the date below, the State of Vermont is asking adults 65 and older and those with underlying medical conditions to continue to stay at home to avoid serious illness.
  • Golf tee times must be reserved (and, where applicable, paid for) in advance either, for members, on-line via our ClubExpress reservation system (click here) or, otherwise, by calling the Pro Shop (533-7477), in each case up to three days in advance, and providing your credit card information.  Golfers arriving without a tee time reservation will not be permitted to play.  Detailed instructions on the use of ClubExpress and our on-line payment system are available on our website.
  • Each golfer must provide their contact details and certify that they are a person who has met, or is not subject to, the minimum 14-day quarantine requirement provided in Governor Scott’s Executive Order.
  • Each golfer must bring their own equipment (clubs, trolley) to MVCC and not permit any other person to touch that equipment.  MVCC is not offering golf clubs or pull trolleys for rent at this time.
  • Members are not permitted to store golf clubs or golf trolleys in the basement until further notice.  Members wishing to use a motorized trolley must charge it at home and bring it with them to the course.[1]
  • Golf balls, tees, gloves and a limited range of hats, apparel and other items are available by calling the Pro Shop in advance and providing credit card information or through our Pro Shop on-line store (Click Here). Your purchases will be ready for you outside the Pro Shop when you arrive at the Club.
  • Vermont’s rules now permit organized Club activities.  Correspondingly, each of Men’s Day, Ladies Day and Men’s League events commence the week of June 15 but require tee times to be reserved in advance, including for “shotgun” starts.  Please call the Pro Shop for further information.
  • No bathroom facilities are available at MVCC at this time.  Please consider this before you leave home.

Upon your Arrival at MVCC

  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your tee time and remain in your car until ten (10) minutes before your tee time. 
  • The driveway up to the Clubhouse and Kid’s Club is closed until further notice.
  • Please practice appropriate social distancing at all times, including maintaining a distance of at least six feet between yourself and others, and refraining from extended socializing or tailgating before or after your round.
  • Please consider wearing cloth face coverings any time you are interacting with our employees or others from outside your household.
  • The practice putting green is open to no more than four people from the “on-deck” golf group at one time.  Please practice appropriate social distancing while on the practice putting green. 
  • The driving range is closed until further notice and no range balls are being offered at this time[2]
  • Golf groups may not exceed four people, with only one group permitted on the first tee at any time.
  • Flagsticks must not be touched and must remain in the hole.  We have installed an “EZ-Lyft” touchless golf ball retrieval device on each flagstick that is operated by lifting the handle with any club, causing your golf ball to roll free.
  • Please practice appropriate social distancing when playing through slower groups.
  • Golfers should avoid picking up lost balls other than their own.
  • Please return your golf clubs and personal pull trolley to your car immediately after completing play.
  • Please carry your trash and recyclables home with you after completing play.

Motorized Golf Carts

  • Motorized Golf carts are available only by reservation, paid in advance, for rental to members, permit holders and their guests who are unable to walk the course. 
  • Only one golfer may ride in or use a golf cart, except that two persons from the same household may share a cart.
  • Each golf cart will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is sent back out for reuse.  After your round, please return your cart to the parking area behind the Clubhouse, leave the key in the ignition but remove all your trash and personal belongings and take them with you.

Pro Shop/Clubhouse

  • The Clubhouse, including the pro shop, club room, bathrooms and basement club storage facilities, is closed to all persons other than authorized MVCC staff until further notice. 
  • Our Staff has been instructed to follow appropriate social distancing and hygiene procedures including wearing cloth face coverings over their nose and mouth when in the presence of others. Please treat them with the utmost courtesy and cooperation.

Thank you for your continuing support of Mountain View!

[1]               Members who have paid for full season storage will be able to use our storage facility once we are permitted to provide it.  Alternatively, you can request a refund at the Pro Shop or by emailing Janet Patterson at [email protected].

[2]               Members who have paid for full season driving range usage will be able to use the range once we are permitted to provide it.  Alternatively, you can request a refund at the Pro Shop or by emailing Janet Patterson at [email protected] .