Men’s Match Play Championship sign up deadline is June 29th

The sign up deadline for the Men’s Match Play Championship is Saturday June 29th by 2pm. Pairing will be posted on the 30th. Please pay the $10 entry fee prior to you first match. Matches will start play on June 30th, each round must be completed in 10 days.

Winner gets the trophy for a year and 1st and 2nd get pro shop credit.

The Men’s Ringer is back, post your best score for each hole over the course of July and August. Lowest score for the season wins. Second place will be drawn at random from all the other players who have posted scores for all 9 holes, so any body can win! To post scores turn in an attested score card to the pro shop. Each time you shoot a lower score on a hole update your score on the score sheet. You can signup any time from June 28th till the end of August. Cost is $10 and the prizes will be pro shop credit
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