July 31, 2018

In accordance with the Article V, Section 1 of the Bylaws, the 2018 Annual Meeting of Mountain View Country Club will be convened at the Clubhouse, 112 Country Club Road, Greensboro, Vermont on Saturday August 11, 2018 at 1:30pm. The order of business of the Annual Meeting will be as set forth in the Bylaws. The Nominating Committee has nominated the following candidates for the Board of Directors, Class of 2021 to be voted on by the membership at the Annual Meeting:

  • Perry Howard 
  • Whitney Sowles
  • Gordon Stoner 
  • Sean Thompson 

Submitted by Megan Wright, Secretary of the Club

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  1. Richard Stoner
    Richard Stoner says:

    May I request a copy of the by-laws or find them on line? Are nominations still open for the Board?

  2. Linda Ely
    Linda Ely says:

    The Bylaw provisions for Board nominations are set forth in Article IV.4. The Nominating Committee completed their work during the month of July and the period for nominations by shareholders at large closed six days prior to the 2018 Annual Meeting (i.e., on Sunday, August 5).

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