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The 2018 Men’s Club Championship field took to the Mountain View links with a never die attitude and maintained that spirit for the entire weekend. The weather also held true to form with a never die attitude to the tune of heat indexes well into the 90’s. I can tell you that Spirit and Sportsmanship prevailed!

Our format was 36 Holes of Medal Play, the absolute true test of a golfer’s grit. In the end Kyle Wright two-time defending “Champion” accomplished a three peat, not an easy chore for anyone whom has played in one of these true tests of golf. The 18 year old played with grace and maturity beyond his years.

Congratulations! Kyle Wright, this year’s 2018 Men’s Club Champion.  

Results 2018 Men’s Club Championship-36 Hole Two Day Totals-



THIRD-           PERRY HOWARD-161

The 2018 Men’s Club Championship also offered some events within the event which kept the group as a whole in very interested until the last score was posted, the results are as follows:

Perry Howard –Realized the Low Back -Nine Hole score on Sunday by posting a 36, once again never saying never.

Rick Ely- Rick took home the 36-Hole Ringer event prize partly due to a stellar 38 posted on day one.


Kyle Wright-2

James Wistar-1

Perry Howard-2

Dan Hudson-1

Rick Ely-2


***The Mountain View spirit is alive and well as witnessed by this PGA golf professional!  Player’s who had shot themselves out of contention on day one showed up on day two and put a peg in the ground!  Spirit dictated once again in the end!***

Congratulations to all our Golfer’s who participated in this year’s Club Championship.  Let’s keep building on this and every event moving forward!

 2018 Remaining Golf Events-The August Handicap is ongoing as well as the Year-Long Ringer events.


JUNIOR GOLF SCHOOL—8/11-8/12-Cancellation-

The Junior Golf School slated for August 11th and 12th has been cancelled. In it’s place the 8/11 Clinic will still take place meeting at the Kids Clubhouse promptly at 11:00 a.m.

Keep it down the middle!



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